Arduino Day: Program in Budapest

Posted by on March 12, 2015

Arduino Day

Morning session: From 10 AM


1. Electro-sketch workshop – We draw with current

Leaders: Barbara Sterk, Virág Albert

Participants: for children (from 9 year-old)

Duration 2-2.5 hours


We love circuits. And we think they are nice. On Electro-sketch workshop we design, make and playing around with our own current circuit on paper. We add lights to it then we draw, stick and fold on it. We make funny push buttons to control the lights.


The aim of the workshop is experiencing simple interactions made by children.

The ready circuit pieces can be taken home afterwards.


2. Making things move with pixels, images and animations workshop

Leaders: Bence Samu, Ágoston Nagy

Participants: for adults

Duration: 4 hours


The goal of the workshop is to create simple interactions using simple motors and regular, everyday objects. You can control movements, sequences and lights with a custom tool from your laptop. There is no need to program or code anything, just draw your imaginations, turn them into animations and let the pixels control the hardware.

Afternoon session: From 2 PM


3. Starter Arduino workshop (with FabLab Budapest)

Leader: Réka Harsányi

Participants: for adults


The aim of the workshop is to learn about Arduino and start to do simple interactions. Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects. We will use the Arduino Starter Kits so please just bring your laptop and enjoy the afternoon with us!


Lectures: from 6.30 PM

Apply with your Arduino project and present it in 8 mins!

Send your project to and we will send reply asap!

Deadline is 20th March!


Celebration from 7.30 PM:

Drinks and music with the local Arduino community!


Useful info:

Location: House of Ideas – prezi (1065 Hajós street 35., Budapest)


The workshops are free but you must register at till 25th March! Bring your laptop and Arduino (if you have).

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