Sonic workshop during Easter

Posted by on March 31, 2014



Have some free time during Easter? And want to learn how to make toys and trinkets come alive with sound? We are hosting a three-day workshop in making sonic toys in Fabriken from the 14th to the 16th of April. It’s a workshop suitable for kids between 10-13 but if you are younger you can always bring a parent to get some help, with soldering for instance.


- Day one you’ll learn basics in programming with Arduino and also how to make tunes using this.

- Day two we will make the circuits and you’ll solder your own one.

- Day three the circuit will be integrated in your toy!


You can bring your own toy to integrate the sound in, and we will also have some things here to use if you can’t think of anything to bring. Bring your own laptop with Arduino IDE installed, you can find it here. The workshop is held from 9am to 12am, and there will be a pause to eat your snack pack if you get hungry.


You will need to sign up for the workshop, and you do that at Fabriken’s Eventbrite page.


Arduino Day is coming up

Posted by on March 21, 2014

Hey hey hey,

Arduino Day (29 March 2014) is coming up and everyone is busy preparing. We have lots of activities for the young and old and those familiar with Arduino and those who haven’t but are curious. One of the things we’ll be making is a 25-days of gifts box. Here’s a preview of it:



Here are the rest of the Arduino Day activities where you can join in and contribute:

    • David will be opening Arduino Day activities with an intro to Arduino
    • Xun will be making a unique LED clock
    • Kristoffer will be 3D printing Turning Torso vases (inspired by Malmo’s Turning Torso)
    • Clara and Laura will be hosting a Arduino-dessert contest and introduce our educational projects
    • Eric will be ready with kits for the laser cutter
    • Tien will present a “25 Days of Gifts box”
    • Quinn will be preparing an awesome Arduino 10th Birthday Cake
    • Stina and Davey will keep the peace – you know how rowdy Makers can get
    • There will be a Show-and-Tell of local Arduino projects
    • We’ll be connecting with Denmark’s hackerspace – Labitat

Even though we’re working hard, we found time to take a break and take out our new powerboat…



Cheers and we’ll see you on Arduino Day!


David struts his couture wearing a gift from Quinn
David struts his couture wearing a gift from Quinn

Sex Toy prototyping workshop in April

Posted by on March 21, 2014



On April 26th – 27th, we will co-host a weekend workshop in prototyping sex toys at Fabriken, giving you a chance to try out design and prototyping with a twist of spring feelings!


Sponsors for this event are Oliver & Eva who will also visit the workshop to give some insight in new things happening in the world of sex toys, with an inspirational approach and norm critic perspective.


This workshop can be especially suitable for interaction designers looking to try some new ground, remember that this is a prototyping workshop to make a novelty item – but hopefully a first step to creating something bodysafe and usable!


Hangouts and workshops coming up

Posted by on March 5, 2014


Hey merry makers! We have some fun stuff coming up here, take a look!

This Friday you can join the Arduino afterwork in Fabriken from 5pm to 10pm. There will be Arduino starter kits to buy and get going with, and we will also sell some snacks and soft drinks. You do not have to sign up for this. Here’s some info in Swedish on the Stpln website:

During a few days of the Easter break, the 14th-16th of April, there will be a workshop for younger people and families where you will create your own musical/sonic toy. You’ll learn some basic programming and electronic assembling during these days, not to forget making a cool toy:

We also have another sonic family workshop coming up next weekend, find more info here:

Join us for Arduino Day!

Posted by on February 14, 2014

Arduino Day 2014

March 29th is Arduino’s ninth anniversary which we will be celebrating together with the rest of the world by hosting the local Arduino Day. Since the first birthday of Arduino Verkstad is just a couple of days later, on April 4th, we will kill two birds with one stone and celebrate this on Arduino Day as well!

Arduino Verkstad will host activities in Fabriken, the makerspace located at Stpln where we have our office. More details will come soon along with official event signup, but in short we plan on having:

- Intro to Arduino: lecture/demo

- Creative workshops: robots, lights and surprises!

- Show and tell – bring your own (Arduino) project and show off!

- We will have tasty treats!

- Hangout on air

Come join us!

See what’s going on in the rest of the world:

UI module for the FP7 SandS project

Posted by on February 7, 2014

This video is a proof of concept of one of the modules we have created for the FP7 project SandS that Arduino is part of.


Davey, our Master Hacker at Arduino Verkstad, created this module to add the possibility of easily controlling any kind of devices, represent data coming from sensors, etc. In essence is like an Arduino Leonardo with a TFT screen, a rotary encoder, three buttons and a uSD card reader.


At first sight, wouldn’t this be a great tool to add a nicer screen to most of the open source 3D printers out there? Or even to add a screen to your latest Arduino Yun project?