Make it VR! at Makertjej

Posted by on March 23, 2016

We have been moving around Malmö with our Make it____! unit as part of the FabLab on wheels project. Make it____! visits schools to provide fun activities to children up to 12 years old within their after school schedule. Teresa Falomir and Marie Ehrndal move around the city with a portable mini FabLab inside a cargo bike that includes a laser cutter, electronics and recycled materials for the following programmed activities: robotics, holograms, physical and digital 3D.

Teresa and Marie are posting this week about the Make it____! project in the Makertjej blog. Check it out here. In their own words, Makertjej was first initiated by Makerspace Stockholm, but is now an international initiative.

Check out what the kids are doing for the Make it VR activity in our Instagram account.

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