Genuino Day 2016 Malmö Schedule

Posted by on March 31, 2016

This is our schedule for Saturday! We will love to see you there. Vi ses snart! :)



MINC Malmö
Anckargripsgatan 3
21119 Malmo

If you visit us by public transportation, use lines 3 or 5 (to Orkanen stop).


13:00 Doors Open

13:15 Welcome speech and video streamming with David Cuartielles from Genuino Day Mexico


Talks, 13.30 – 15.30


13:30 Modular Remote, Ahmet Yildirim

14:00 Learning by doing, Nerea de la Riva Iriepa, Arduino Verkstad AB

14:30 “Why open-source can cure automotive…”, Lewis Horne, Uniti Sweden

15:00 Biohacking and chip implants, Juanjo Tara, Arduino Verkstad AB, Jowan Österlund, Biohax Sweden



from 14:00 Chip implant with Jowan Österlund, Biohax Sweden

13:00-15:00 FabLab on Wheels workshop

15:00 SIDeR exhibition opens


Exhibition, 13:00 – 17:30

  • PELARS System by Malmö Högskola + Genuino
  • CTC – Creative Technologies in the Classroom by Genuino
  • Reverb Hoodie by Nasir Hussein, Sonja Rattay, Philip Robertson, Rouzbeh Noori
  • Handcar Racing by Mattias Andersson, Jesper Andersson, Felix Löf, Axel Birgersson
  • Modular Remote by Ahmet Yildirim
  • Algae mini-bioreactor by Sveta / Keenan

Student projects (SIDeR), 15:00 – 17:00

  • WeWave
  • OcuClass
  • The Coolhunter Lamp
  • Chirp Catcher
  • Daylight in Helsinki
  • Squamae
  • Ligia Estera Oprea
  • The Re-booth: an experiment with embodied interactive storytelling
  • Prototypes of DIY Google Glass workshop


16:15 Cake and closing speech

17:30 End of the event


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