Recap Genuino Day 2016

Posted by on May 4, 2016

We had around 180 visitors including students, designers, enthusiasts, friends, hackers, makers, and children. People enjoyed talks about robotics, an open source car, and chip implants for biohacking (around 15 people went home with an implant in their hands).
The students from the SIDeR Conference made a great job showcasing their projects, the Pelars System was tried out by most of the visitors, the FabLab on wheels was a success among the kids and we all ate cake and sang Happy Birthday in multiple languages!
We are looking forward for next year’s event. Thanks for joining us and see you on 2017.
More pictures and videos in our Instagram account.

Happy birthday Genuino!
PELARS System by Malmö Högskola + Genuino
Algae mini-bioreactor by Sveta & Keenan
Project Showcase Genuino Day
Uniti, the open source car.
Make it____! Our Fablab on Wheels Program


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