Hebocon Valencia

Posted by on May 10, 2016

David Cuartielles and Nerea de la Riva were part of the jury of the Hebocon category in Valencia last week (May, 6th) as part of the Olympic Robotic Challenge (ORC) 2016. Hebocon is a series of “robot contests for the technically ungifted“, the event was originally made in Japan by Daiju Ishikawa and it gives an open opportunity to anyone that wants to build a robot without any expectations of technical mastery. Since the expectations are set low, the results are very funny, check this post from Laughing Squid to see some of the results of previous competitions.
Valencia was not the exception in terms of clumsy, randomly build and lovely robots. Some of them had very creative mechanical structures, shapes and materials; and one looked more like the greens any mom would recommend you to eat.
One of the highlights of the event was that a three year old boy was encouraged to participate with his toy (yes, no robot!).
hebocon_valencia_3   hebocon_valencia_5
And of course the trophies were very DIY to keep them up with the overall spirit.
Visitors, participants and the jury had much fun and laughed for extended periods of time. You can watch part of the sumo competition in this YouTube video from the Olympic Robotic Challenge channel from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

You can also watch another video (in Spanish) from the news of the UPV Radiotelevisió.


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