Hardware Connected 2016

Posted by on May 30, 2016

Genuino was present at the Hardware Connected 2016 held by our friends from STPLN, as described in the HC website, the event is meant to “connect people working on prototypes, big companies, vendors, but most of all great tinkerers, movers, and shakers independent of where they work”.  We showcased three Genuino boards and one shield, it was also the best place to display more detailed technical specifications beyond the main features of Genuino 101‘s Bluetooth LE and 6-axis accelerometer/gyro; Genuino MKR1000‘s Wi-fi connectivity, Genuino Zero’s 32-bit capability, and YÚN shield‘s Linux based system for advanced networking.
Ernesto, Juanjo and Sara were at the stand and we also got special extra help from our first two-day intern from ‘skuggning’. In Swedish company culture ‘skuggning’ means becoming someone’s shadow in order to learn about a particular job and get the feeling of a working environment.
For two days, a seventh grade student called Sofus Lendemar hanged out with us whenever we had to 3D print, lasercut or showcase our boards. Sofus is a 14 year old very interested in technology, he already new about Genuino and contacted us because he was interested in experiencing how we work at the Malmö office. We had fun while learning new things, thanks Sofus!
Genuino_HardwareConnected_1From left to right behind the table: Ernesto, Sofus, Sara and Juanjo.

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